Whether you caught them TAKING OFF BUNNY MASKS at the Vans Warped Tour, or turning it up-side-down at the Whisky-a-go-go, NO/HUGS is a band that serves the alternative rock realm with hook-heavy pop and an intense pop/punk live show that keeps the crowd on their toes.


A lot is being said and written about No/Hugs, both in national as well as international publications but what has set them apart from the noise is their vocalist Narcissus A-Ngel (NARCIE) . It was Ok! Magazine ( June 2019 issue) that featured the singer on their cover and claimed her to be the heir of legendary Janis Joplin. NARCIE's stage presence has a take-you-by-the-face quality, and her bourbon tinged vocals are massive and soul riling.

While on tour, No/Hugs caught the eye of rock legend Vasilis Papakonstantinou who gave them a slot next to him at the Soldout Pancyprean EDON Festival in Nicosia, Cyprus who's attendance reached 80,000 people. No/Hugs has an unrivaled array of live performers whose aesthetics and incomparable energy secured them slots next to class acts and festivals such as the Vans Warped Tour ‘18, The NAMM Show ‘19, Lupe Fiasco, BIA, Giorgos Sampanis, Vasilis Papakonstantinou, Faster Pussycat to name a few.


2019 saw No/Hugs on the rise, with an endorsement from AUDIX MICROPHONES USA and a signature microphone (AUDIX VX5) for their lead singer as well as a featured artist at their EXPO stage at NAMM2019. Their south/west coast tour run started with a slot at SXSW2019 as well as a sold-out appearance at the world-renowned Whisky A-Go-Go.

In 2018 the band was discovered by Kevin Lyman (Warped Tour's CEO) who handpicked the band to open the last Vans Warped Tour in Mansfield, MA at the Xfinity Center amongst bands like the Maine, Tonight Alive, State Champs, Motionless in White.


Hey N/H/F,

In 2015 this big dream of ours, named No/Hugs formed and shaped itself into a wonderful band. Here we are in 2020, with so much gratitude for everything that you've given us and helped us accomplished. Aside from the music, a big part of who we are is you.

If you have been watching our journey, then you know that no matter what, nothing stopped us from going forward and getting to you. The same goes for COVID-19. 

Thank you so much for being there for our live streams, Blue Fest, our music as well as

for every single kind message you forwarded our way during these hard times. And to those of you who kept supporting us with donations, tips and Venmo's we are forever grateful that you kept our music going. 

We are proud to call all of you our family and we can't wait to share with you more of this beautiful journey.

Thank you,


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