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"Your Satisfaction Is Fake"

is an outcry for the need

of emotional freedom 

and individuality"

August 10th 2018
Philadelphia, PA 

"What’s most impressive about No/Hugs is that their work is not the work of a simple band. They are not just mere musicians. The core of their band is this strong message of acceptance and positivity that radiates through to and from their fanbase . And we are talking about one of the most active and loving fanbases that we have seen on social media from an upcoming band in years. No/Hugs is what we need in 2019. A band with a thundering voice, a distinct message and a larger-than-life musical passion."


London, england

"Boston based No/Hugs is a blues infused rock n’ roll outfit that was established in 2015 by prodigious lead singer Narcissus A-Ngel. Over the past few years they have performed tens of dozens of shows and effortlessly won over fans, both locally and nationally...its been said their performance is not one to be forgotten and the raw energy they pour onto the stage is undeniable and pure."



"Narcissus A-Ngel has some major singing tucked away in her lungs; she in my viewpoint ranks up there with some legendary female singers like Pat Benatar, Ann Wilson, Joan Jett, Linda Perry, and Grace Slick ... Her voice sounds as though she has lived one hundred and fifty years, and not all of them were lived in an easy way either. She just gets it right, and you feel what she feels, as she is singing. When Narcissus hits certain parts of her songs, you’ll get the chills on many an occasion."